Xie Bai – Chinese Chive bulb – Bakeri

Nature: acrid, bitter, warm

Enters: Lung, Stomach, Large Intestine

Actions: Activates Yang/unblocks the Yang Qi; disperses accumulation of cold, phlegm, and dampness; regulates Qi, disperses Qi stagnation, promotes the movement of Qi and blood, and alleviates pain; directs Qi downward.

• Obstruction of cold, phlegm, damp in the chest preventing the dissemination and flow of Yang Qi: chest pain, difficulty breathing, stifling sensation in the chest, flank or upper back pain, coughing, wheezing. Also for blood obstructing the heart channel, and such Western presentations as angina and coronary heart disease.
• Stomach Qi stagnation or damp stagnation in the large intestine: dysentery with tenesmus.
• Cold stagnant Qi: epigastric fullness, distention, abdominal pain.
• Do not use long term in cases of peptic ulcers.
DY: Modern research shows this herb lowers serum cholesterol.
• With Gua lou to effectively free the flow of Yang and move the Qi, loosen the chest and clear the Lungs, transform phlegm and scatter nodulation, stop pain, moisten the intestines, and free the flow of the stools. For indications such as:
– 1. Constipation due to fluid dryness of the large intestine and/or Qi stagnation.
– 2. Yin binding constipation. (Constipation due to spleen-kidney Yang deficiency or sometimes due to dryness in the large intestine caused by an essence-blood deficiency with pale lips, white tongue fur, and clear, copious urination.)
– 3. Chest Bi with oppression of the chest and epigastrium, cough, profuse phlegm, piercing pain in the chest radiating toward the back, and shortness of breath due to accumulation of turbid phlegm blocking the Qi and Yang of the chest. (Gua Lou Xie Bai Ban Xia Tang – which can be favorably combined with Er Chen Tang) Use Gua lou which has been stir-fried until scorched.
– 4. Chest Bi and cardiac disease with intense heart pain due to heart Qi and blood stasis and deficiency of heart Yang. (Gua Lou Xie Bai Bai Jiu Tang) For these indications, the combination can be favorably reinforced by adding Dan shen, San qi, Tan xiang, and Gui zhi. The Gua lou should be stir-fried until scorched.

Dose: 4.5-9g (30-60g when used fresh)

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