Xi Xian Cao – Siegesbeckia

Nature: bitter, cold

Enters: Liver, Kidney

Actions: Clears heat; eliminates toxicity; eliminates wind-dampness; dispels obstruction from the channels and collaterals; strengthens the sinews; calms the Shen; pacifies the liver; transforms damp-heat; alleviates itching.


• Wind-damp: Bi syndrome with numbness and weakness in the limbs; facial paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness and weakness in the back and legs.
• Damp-heat-toxicity: carbuncles, boils, eczema, sores, itching.
• Wind-damp: rash, itching.
• Shen disturbance: irritability, insomnia, forgetfulness.
• Liver Yang rising: headache, dizziness.
• Hypertension: lowers blood pressure.
• Acute malaria: use large doses (up to 60g per day).
• Topical: soak in this tea for numbness due to dampness.
• Use raw to clear heat and resolve dampness.
• Recently used in many topical “stretch marks” products for its purported ability to heal this form of scarring.
• Treat with wine for wind-damp Bi.
Hsu: Antibacterial, hypotensive, antiphlogistic.

Dose: 6-15g

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