Xi Jiao – Rhinoceros Horn

This herb has been included only because of the important position it has held historically in classical Chinese herbal medicine. The market for this and other rare animal products has led to the endangerment and abuse of many wonderful creatures. It is seriously unethical to use this herb.

Nature: bitter, salty, cold

Enters: Heart, Liver, Stomach

Actions: Cools the blood; stops bleeding; reduces fire; eliminates toxicity; calms the Shen; relieves convulsions and tremors.

• Heat in the blood or Ying or Xue level invasion of heat: epistaxis, hematemesis, erythema, purpura, convulsions, delirium, very high fever.
• Blockage of the heart by fire (in disease caused by damp-heat): delirium, high fever, coma.
Ying or Xue level heat: unremitting high fever, loss of consciousness, delirium, convulsions, manic behavior.
• Heat and toxicity: skin eruptions
• Used mainly for cases of extreme heat.
• Never cooked. Powdered and taken directly.
• Do not combine with aconite.

Dose: 1-2g taken directly

2 comments on “Xi Jiao – Rhinoceros Horn

  1. carl peterson says:

    how much is this rhino horn? Are you selling it – and how to buy?

    • Peter Borten says:

      This is not a retail site. We don’t sell herbs. And I would never sell rhino horn anyway. It’s endangered. And illegal to sell. You don’t need it.

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