Wei Ling Xian Chinese Clematis root – “Awesome Spiritual Immortal” or “Temple’s Sacred Root” or “Strong and Very Effective”

Nature: acrid, salty, warm

Enters: Bladder

Actions: Eliminates wind-dampness, alleviates pain; dispels obstructions from the channels and collaterals; dissolves fish bones lodged in the throat; powerfully promotes Qi circulation at the body surface and in the channels; reduces phlegm and pathogenic water.

• Wind-damp: Bi syndrome.
• Phlegm and pathogenic water: focal distention and accumulation in the middle Jiao.
• Useful in icteric infectious hepatitis.
• Fish bone lodged in the throat: use 15-30g, make a thick decoction with vinegar and brown sugar, swallow slowly (not for deeply lodged or very big bones).
• Can be used for pain in either the upper or lower body.
• While Liu translates Wei ling xian as “Strong, Very Effective,” Bensky/Gamble interprets it as “Awesome Spiritual Immortal,” and MLT says it translates as “Temple’s Sacred Root” and refers to the ancient story of an old nun who lived in the “Temple of Powerful Spirits” atop a mountain and used this herb often and with great success.
Hsu: Antibacterial, antifungal, hypotensive, analgesic, antidiuretic; “anti-sprain action.”

Dose: 6-12g

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