Wa Leng Zi – Ark shell – Cockle shell

Nature: salty, neutral

Enters: Lung, Stomach, Liver

Topical Actions: Regenerates tissue for ulcers.

Internal Actions: Resolves phlegm; promotes blood circulation and dispels blood stasis; softens and resolves masses and lumps; neutralizes stomach acid; alleviates pain.

Internal Indications:

• Stagnation of blood, Qi, and/or phlegm: fibroids, cirrhosis of the liver, immobile or mobile abdominal masses.
• Chronic pain in the pit of the stomach (such as ulcer pain) or blood stasis pain accompanied by vomiting with acid reflux.
• Ulcers: In one clinical trial, 124 patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers were treated with a powder of 5 parts Wa leng zi and 1 part Gan cao. Treatment periods ranged from 29 to 56 days. 59 cases were cured and another 48 showed significant improvement.
• The raw herb should be used for promotion of blood circulation and dissolution of phlegm, while the calcined form is preferred for the neutralization of stomach acid, acid reflux (GERD), heartburn.
• Requires precooking. The herb should be broken into pieces or ground into powder before cooking.
• Bensky and Gamble classify this herb as a blood mover. The herb is also commonly classified among herbs that resolve phlegm (a categorization Guohui Liu also agrees with).

Internal Dose: 9-15g

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