Su Zi – Zi Su Zi – Perilla seed

Nature: acrid, warm

Enters: Lung, Large Intestine

Actions: Descends Lung Qi; stops coughing, eases difficult breathing; mildly resolves phlegm; moistens the large intestine, promotes bowel movement.

• Lung Qi fails to descend: coughing, wheezing, including patterns with copious phlegm. Used mainly for cold patterns. Especially indicated when the exhale is more labored than the inhale and there is a stifling sensation in the chest.
• Dryness of the large intestine: constipation.
• Compared to Bai jie zi and Lai fu zi: All are capable of transforming phlegm, regulating the Qi, and alleviating wheezing. However, Bai jie zi warms the Lung Qi, Lai fu zi disperses the Lung Qi, and Su zi descends the Lung Qi.
• Usually ground before use.

Dose: 4.5-9g

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