Su He Xiang – Resin of Rose Maloes – Liquidambar sap – Styrax – “Revive and Join Fragrance”

Nature: sweet, acrid, warm

Enters: Heart, Spleen

Actions: Opens the orifices and penetrates thru turbidity; opens up areas of constraint and clears away filth.

• Closed disorder, phlegm blockage, epidemic toxic disease. Especially indicated for cold disorders.
• Stifling sensation, cold, fullness, and pain in chest and abdomen.
• Expectorant by irritating the respiratory mucosa.
• Compared to the other herbs in this category, Su he xiang is particularly useful for wind-stroke with collapse due to phlegm.
• When taken internally this herb is always administered in powder or pill form.
• Topical: with olive oil for scabies, also has some effect on eczema.
• Misleadingly called Styrax, this herb is actually the resin of Liquidambar orientalis (Rose Maloes) – see An Xi Xiang.
• Difficult to procure in the U.S.
PCBDP: Antiseptic, expectorant, stimulant.
• Inhale for cough/cold.
• Topical for wound/ulcer.
Hsu: Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory – promotes healing of ulcers.

Dose: 0.3-1g

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