She Xiang – Musk (Secretions from the Musk Deer)

Nature: acrid, warm

Enters: Heart, Spleen, Liver

Actions: Promotes blood circulation, relieves pain and swelling, dissipates clumps; intensely opens the orifices, revives the spirit, unblocks closed disorders; induces labor, hastens delivery, facilitates passage of stillborns.

• Heart misted by phlegm or heat, heat entering the pericardium in warm-febrile disease, or other disorders which impair consciousness: loss of consciousness, coma, convulsions, delirium, fainting, stupor, closed disorders, tetanic collapse, phlegm collapse, seizures.
• Blood stasis: pain – acute chest and abdominal pain, Bi syndrome, trauma, toxic sores, carbuncles, immobile palpable masses, coronary artery disease, angina pectoris – comparable to nitroglycerine. For blood stasis disorders, it is used topically (in plasters, compresses) as well as internally.
• To discharge the placenta or fetus, combine with it with Rou gui.
• Powerfully anti-inflammatory.
• Thought to stimulate the CNS in small doses and inhibit it in large doses.
• Strongly stimulates the uterus; stimulates the heart.
• Possesses male hormone-like effects.
• Raises blood pressure.
• Musk deer are endangered and importation is illegal. Most commercially available musk is synthetic or is collected from raised deer.
• Due to its expense, this herb is never cooked.
• This is the most intensely aromatic and penetrating substance in the materia medica.
• Contraindicated in pregnancy and in cases of Yin deficiency heat.
• Helps other herbs cross the blood-brain barrier. Useful for brain conditions such as cancer and migraines.

Dose: 0.6-1.5g

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