She Gan – Belamcanda rhizome – “Arrow Shaft”

Nature: bitter, cold

Enters: Lung

Actions: Powerfully eliminates phlegm; eases the throat; clears heat; eliminates toxicity.

• Phlegm-heat or fire excess or fire-toxicity: swollen, painful throat. Sometimes used alone for sore throat.
• Phlegm accumulation: cough, asthma, wheezing.
She gan’s powerful ability to eliminate phlegm makes it valuable for cold- phlegm patterns also, for which it should be combined with warm herbs.
• May be useful for uterine fibroids.
• Increases secretion of saliva.
• Liu: Not recommended for treating wind-heat. Since it is bitter, not acrid, it may drive the pathogen to the interior.
• The exquisite cultivated flower of this plant is sometimes called Blackberry Lily or Leopard flower.
MLT: Anti-hyaluronidase activity, especially useful to control inflammation; topical: for sores, dermatitis.
Gargle: with a little salt and lemon juice in water for severe sore throat.
Hsu: Antifungal, hypotensive.

Dose: 1.5-9g

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