She Chuang Zi – Cnidium seed – “Snake’s Bed Seeds”

Nature: acrid, bitter, warm

Enters: Kidney

Topical Actions: Dries dampness; kills parasites; stops itching.

Topical Indications:

• Dampness: eczema, any itching, weeping skin lesion especially of the external genitalia region.
• Scabies.
• Ringworm.
• Use as a wash, powder, or ointment.

Topical Dose: 15-30g

Internal Actions: Tonifies kidney Yang; disperses wind, cold; dries dampness.

Internal Indications:

• Kidney deficiency or cold womb: impotence, male or female infertility.
• Cold and dampness: leukorrhea, trichomonal vaginitis.
• Dampness (especially wind-cold-damp): lumbar pain.
Hong-Yen Hsu (Oriental Materia Medica): Antifungal; antiviral; anthelmintic; sex-hormone-like action – prolongs sexual intercourse in mice and can induce copulation in castrated mice.
Heiner Fruehauf: A Sha Chong (kill worms or parasites) herb, important in Gu Zheng (Gu parasites) formulas.

Internal Dose: 3-10g

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