Rou Cong Rong – Cistanche stem – Broomrape

Nature: sweet, salty, warm

Enters: Kidney, Large Intestine

Actions: Tonifies kidney Yang; moistens the large intestine, promotes bowel movement; warms the womb.

• Kidney Yang deficiency: impotence, infertility, weakness and cold pains in the lumbar region and knees, urinary incontinence, posturinary dripping, spermatorrhea.
• Large intestine dryness: constipation .
• Deficiency cold womb: infertility, excessive uterine bleeding, vaginal discharge.
• Stronger than Ba ji tian to tonify Jing and blood and to moisten the large intestine.
• Sticky, but not greasy – a large dose will not hurt the spleen.
• Tonifies the Yang yet is not drying; its effects are moderate.
• Treated with salt for frequent urination or spermatorrhea.
• Increases secretion of saliva.
• Currently in protected status. Becoming increasingly difficult to find in U.S.
Jin: Tonifies both the kidneys and spleen. Not drying like some other Yang tonics.
Hsu: Laxative, hypotensive.

Dose: 9-21g

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