Quan Xie – Scorpion – Buthus

Nature: acrid, salty, neutral, toxic

Enters: Liver

Actions: Extinguishes liver wind, relieves convulsions; eliminates external wind; cleans and dissipates stagnation of (fire) toxicity, dissipates nodules; removes obstruction from channels and collaterals, relieves pain.

• Liver wind, wind-phlegm: convulsions (acute or chronic infant), tetany, tics, deviation of the mouth and eye in wind-stroke, tremors, opisthotonos, seizures. This herbs is among the most effective at eliminating wind.
• External wind: convulsions due to tetanus (wind invades wound).
• Stagnation of toxicity: carbuncles, lumps, toxic sores, swellings – includes topical use – follows the theory “use toxin to attack toxin.”
• Obstruction of channels and collaterals (blood stasis): stubborn headaches, migraines, Bi syndrome.
• Lowers blood pressure; tranquilizer.
• Weaker anticonvulsive effect than Wu gong. Compared to Wu gong and Jiang can in the treatment of wind and spasms, Quan xie is most appropriate when there is heat.
• Start with a very low dose and slowly raise it (if necessary).
• Often combined with Wu gong.
• Contraindicated for internal wind due to blood deficiency; pregnancy.
LL: Essential for a serious headache – always consider this herb.
MLT: For cancer/tumors: powder Quan Xie with Wu gong and Jiang can, suspend in water in a cloth bag while cooking an egg in the water. Eat the egg and drink the broth.
Hsu: Antispasmodic (weaker than Wu gong), antifungal, sedative.

Dose: 2-5g or 0.9-1.5 of just the tail (0.6-0.9g directly as a powder)

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