Pu Gong Ying – Taraxacum – Dandelion

Nature: sweet, bitter, cold

Enters: Liver, Stomach

Actions: Drains dampness; clears heat; eliminates toxicity; promotes lactation; reduces abscesses; dissipates nodules.

• Heat-toxicity: inflammation – mastitis, appendicitis, prostatitis; carbuncles, boils, abscesses, nodules (especially when firm and hard). Used internally and topically.
• Damp-heat: jaundice, painful urination.
• Insufficient lactation: especially when due to heat.
Pu gong ying clears heat without the risk of damaging the stomach.
• The leaves are better at draining dampness than the root. The root is generally regarded as better at eliminating toxicity than the aerial parts.
• Antibacterial; anti-inflammatory.
K&R: Cholagogue, laxative, diuretic. Wood excess, metal deficiency, water excess.
• Wood: biliary dyskinesia, vesicular calculi, constipation, obesity, cellulitis, urea, gout, hypercholesterolemia, varices, acne, herpes, eczema.
Metal: acne, chronic rheumatism.
Water: excess uric acid, urinary calculi, urea, renal insufficiency.
• Also for various states of congestion of the liver and pancreas.
• Use as an eyewash for acute conjunctivitis.
Yoga: Bitter, sweet/cooling/pungent. P, K-; V+
• Alterative, diuretic, lithotriptic, laxative, bitter tonic.
• Detoxifies Pitta and Ama conditions.
• For swollen lymph nodes, tumors, suppressed lactation, breast problems.
• Similar to the Indian herb Bhringaraj – may substitute.
• Detoxifying for over-consumption of fat, fried foods, and meat.
MLT: For cirrhosis, hepatitis; all breast disorders.
• The whole herb is strongly diuretic, especially the leaves.
Joe: Rich in potassium. Therefore, when used as diuretic, it should not deplete potassium in the body.
RW: Rich in vitamins, especially C.
• Contains substances which act like enzymes, stimulating the function of the large glands – especially the liver and kidneys – and stimulating cell metabolism as a whole.
• Diuretic and cholagogue: encourages kidney function and promotes secretory function in the liver. Good for gall and kidney stones.
• For a tendency to form gallstones: must take dandelion for 4-6 weeks (best done in the spring, and repeated in the fall if necessary).
• One of the best herbs to use in chronic rheumatic complaints, chronic degenerative joint disease, and arthritis (requires repeated, consistent courses of treatment).
MW: The root focuses more on the (Western) liver – for stagnant metabolism, waste products/fluids building up. The leaf focuses more on the (Western) kidneys.
• Will stop infections in bones (e.g., infected tooth and jaw).
• Good when the tongue has a geographic coat.
• For mental illness: manic depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders (generally takes time to work – 6-12 weeks – not usually for acute disease).

Dose: 9-30g (up to 100g fresh)

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