Part One Begins Here – Herbs That Quiet the Shen and Nourish the Heart

Herbs in both parts of this category (nourishing herbs that quiet the shen and heavy/anchoring herbs that quiet the shen) are commonly combined with:
A. Herbs that nourish blood and Yin when there is Yin or blood deficiency of the heart.
B. Herbs that clear heat from the heart when there is excess heart heat or fire.
C. Herbs that subdue liver Yang when there is liver Yang rising.
D. Herbs that clear heat from the Stomach, when there is Stomach heat/fire disturbing the Shen.


Also Consider, When Appropriate, Herbs From Other Categories That Nourish and Quiet or Anchor the Shen:
Bai He [Nourish Yin], Da Zao [Tonify Qi], Dai Zhe Shi [Subdue Liver], Dan Shen [Move Blood], Fu Ling/Shen [Drain Damp], Fu Xiao Mai [Astringent], Lian Zi [Astringent], Long Yan Rou [Nourish Blood], Mu Li [Subdue Liver], Ren Shen [Tonify Qi], Shi Chang Pu [Open Orifices], Tian Zhu Huang [Resolve Phlegm], Wu Wei Zi [Astringent], Xi Xian Cao [Expel W-D], Xi Jiao [Cool Blood], Zhen Zhu [Subdue Liver],  Zhen Zhu Mu [Subdue Liver].

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