Notes on This Category

• This category consists of two moistening herbs – Sheng di and Xuan shen – and three moving herbs – Chi shao, Mu dan pi, and Zi cao. Xi jiao should no longer be used.

• Herbs in this category are commonly combined with:
A. Herbs that strengthen the spleen and stomach, when there is deficiency of these organs.
B. Herbs that nourish Yin, when there is injury of body fluids by heat or the patient has pre-existing Yin deficiency.
C. Herbs that clear heat and reduce fire, when there is a combination of Qi and Xue level invasion.

• Herbs in other categories also cool the blood. Consider as appropriate: Bai Mao Gen [Stop Bleeding], Bai Tou Weng [Clear Heat & Toxins], Bai Wei [Clear Deficiency Heat], Ban Lan Gen [Clear Heat & Toxins], Ce Bai Ye [Stop Bleeding], Da Qing Ye [Clear Heat & Toxins], Dai Zhe Shi [Subdue Liver], Dan Shen [Move Blood], Di Yu [Stop Bleeding], Di Gu Pi [Clear Deficiency Heat], Gui Ban [Nourish Yin], Mo Han Lian (Han Lian Cao) [Nourish Yin], Huai Hua [Stop Bleeding], Luo Shi Teng [Expel Wind-Damp], Qian Cao Gen [Stop Bleeding], Qing Dai [Clear Heat & Toxins], Qing Hao [Clear Deficiency Heat], Sang Ye (charred) [Acrid, Cool], Xiao Ji [Stop Bleeding], Yin Chai Hu [Clear Deficiency Heat], Yu Jin [Move Blood], Zhi Zi [Clear Heat Reduce Fire], Zhu Ru [Resolve Phlegm].

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