Notes on This Category

• These herbs are among the coldest in the Chinese herbal pharmacopeia. Many are used for Qi level or Yangming stage full heat.

• From a Western perspective, a number of these herbs are antipyretic and some are anti-inflammatory.

• Also consider, when appropriate: Huang qin, Huang lian, Huang Bai, Da huang, Tian Men Dong, Di Yu, Jue ming zi, Han shui shi, Gu jing cao, etc.

• Herbs in this category are commonly combined with:
A. Herbs that strengthen the spleen and stomach, when there is deficiency of these organs.
B. Herbs that nourish Yin, when there is injury of body fluids by heat or the patient has pre-existing Yin deficiency.
C. Herbs that tonify Zhen Qi when used for patients with a weak constitution.

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