Notes on This Category

These herbs promote proper circulation and dispel stasis for the recovery of normal blood circulation. According to Guohui Liu, with normal use, they will not move blood in an aberrant manner (with a few possible exceptions). Most of the herbs in the category are not anticoagulants.

Commonly combined with:
A. Herbs that warm the interior and disperse cold when blood stagnation is caused by cold obstruction.
B. Herbs that clear heat and cool the blood when blood stasis is due to congealing of the blood by heat.
C. Herbs that eliminate wind, cold, and damp when the channels are obstructed by invasion of these factors.
D. Qi tonics when Qi is deficient, and also to protect the Qi from damage by these herbs.
E. Blood tonics when blood is deficient, and also to protect the blood from damage by these herbs.
F. Herbs that resolve phlegm when blood stasis is caused by phlegm.

Other Herbs that Promote Proper Blood Circulation, to Consider When Appropriate:
An Xi Xiang [Open Orifices], Bie Jia [Nourish Yin], Chi Shao [Cool Blood], Da Huang [Promote BM], Dang Gui [Nourish Blood], Du Huo [Dispel Wind-Damp], Fu Zi [Warm Interior], Gu Sui Bu [Tonify Yang], Gui Zhi [Acrid, Warm], He Huan Pi [Calm Shen], Hong Teng [Clear Heat & Toxicity], Jing Jie Tan (charred) [Acrid, Warm], Lu Jiao [Tonify Yang], Mu Dan Pi [Cool Blood], Mu Tong [Drain Damp], Pu Huang [Stop Bleeding], Qian Cao Gen [Stop Bleeding], San Qi [Stop Bleeding], She Xiang [Open Orifices], Wa Leng Zi [Topical Herbs], Xie Bai [Move Qi], Xu Duan [Tonify Yang], Xue Yu Tan [Stop Bleeding], Xue Jia [Topical Herbs], Zao Jiao Ci [Resolve Phlegm], Zi Cao [Cool Blood].

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