Mao Dong Qing – Ilex root – Rough-haired Holly – Ilex pubescentis

Nature: bitter, astringent, neutral

Enters: Heart

Actions: Clears heat and toxicity; invigorates blood circulation; promotes flow of the channels.

• Wind-heat EPI.

• Lung heat: cough, water distention in the larynx, swollen painful throat, tonsillitis.

• An ingredient in the popular patent remedy Gan Mao Ling.
• Dysentery.
• Coronary disease; thrombotic infarction; vasculitis.

• Topical: burns.
• Anti-tussive; bacteriostatic; expectorant; hypotensive; dilates coronary arteries; probably has antiviral properties.
Dose: 30-120g (to 500g for phlebitis)

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