Mang Xiao – Mirabilite – Sodium Sulfate – Glauber’s Salt (Na2SO4)

Nature: salty, bitter, cold

Enters: Stomach, Large Intestine

Actions: Softens masses; clears heat; moistens dryness; purges stagnation and accumulation; reduces swelling.


• Excess heat in the large intestine and stomach: constipation (only when the stool is dry and hard).
• Heat: painful, swollen, ulcerated mouth or sore throat, canker sores, red, swollen, painful eyes, carbuncles, swellings, skin lesions, breast swellings – yang type mastitis.
• Use large doses (carefully) to purge the intestines of toxicity for the treatment of all cancers.
• Purgative effect usually takes 4-6 hours.
• Should not be cooked – add to the strained decoction.
• Drink large quantities of fluids when taking this substance.
DY: Drains fire; disperses swelling, stops pain, disperses food accumulation (external use).
• With Da huang for mutual reinforcement, to effectively precipitate full heat and internal accumulation, and free the flow of stools. For specific indications and notes, see Da huang in this category.
• With Ji nei jin to strongly and effectively soften hardness, disperse accumulation, clear heat, and transform stones. For renal, urethral, or bladder lithiasis. Neither substance should be cooked. For greatest efficacy, the two herbs should be ground to a powder (6-10g Ji nei jin and 3-10g Mang xiao) and taken, 6g at a time, twice daily, dissolved in hot water.

Dose: 3-9g

Xuan Ming Fen: a purer form of sodium sulfate
• Less effective as a purgative than Mang xiao, but superior in topical preparations for ulcers of the oral cavity / canker sores.

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