Lu Jiao Jiao – Gelatin Made from Mature Deer Antler (Lu Jiao)

Nature: sweet, salty, slightly warm

Enters: Kidney, Liver

Actions: Tonifies liver blood and kidney Jing; stops bleeding.

• Kidney Yang deficiency: intolerance to cold, cold extremities, impotence, seminal emission, infertility, frequent urination, dizziness, weak lumbar region and knees, fatigue.
• Kidney Yang deficiency cold: hematemesis, epistaxis, hematuria, uterine bleeding.
• Non-healing Yin-type carbuncles.
• Do not cook – melt into a warm decoction or yellow wine.
• Can be combined with Chen pi to counteract its greasiness.
Dr. Wei Li: Strong blood tonic, great for chemotherapy patients.

Dose: 6-12g

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