Lu Gen – Reed rhizome – Phragmites

Nature: sweet, cold

Enters: Lung, Stomach

Actions: Generates body fluids; mildly promotes urination; clears heat from the Lungs and stomach; conducts Lung heat to the bladder and discharges it; promotes expression of incomplete rashes; stops vomiting; eases restlessness; eliminates phlegm.

• Lung heat, wind-heat, or phlegm-heat: cough, dry mouth, with or without sticky yellow sputum. Especially useful in acute stage. For phlegm-heat, Lu gen dilutes the phlegm and makes it easier to expel.
• Heat in febrile disease, stomach fire: thirst, dry tongue, fever, Shen disturbance – restlessness.
• Stomach heat: vomiting, belching, nausea.
• Heat: dark scanty urine, hematuria. Especially useful when accompanied by thirst and irritability.
Lu gen can also drain pus and treat pulmonary abscesses.
• Febrile disease with rashes that are incompletely expressed.
• This herb is most potent when fresh (rather than dried).

Dose: 15-30 (up to 60g alone for incomplete expression of rashes)

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