Hu Zhang – Bushy Knotweed root and rhizome – Polygonum cuspidatum – “Tiger’s Cane”

Nature: bitter, cold

Enters: Liver, Gallbladder, Lung

Actions: Promotes blood circulation; relieves pain; eliminates toxicity; clears heat; drains dampness; resolves phlegm; stops coughing; slightly promotes bowel movement.

• Especially indicated for a combination of phlegm, damp, heat, and blood stasis.
• Blood stasis: amenorrhea, traumatic injury, Bi syndrome.
• Damp-heat: jaundice, turbid vaginal discharge, painful urination.
• Heat-toxicity: burns, snake bites, skin infections, carbuncles. Often the fresh ground herb is applied topically.
• Lung phlegm-heat: cough.
• Heat accumulation: constipation (use 30g – discharges heat, toxicity).
• Guohui Liu: especially useful for hepatitis.
• Many constituents (resveratrol, piceatannol, polydatin, emodin) with medicinal properties elucidated through modern research:
– (from the scholarly folks at Herbal Vitality of Sedona) Anti-angiogenic (vitro), antibacterial against streptococci (vitro)/ vibrio (vivo), decreases histamine release (vitro), decreases COX-2 expression (vitro), anti-oxidant (vitro), antiviral – hepatitis B (vitro), anti-inflammatory (vivo), anti-allergenic (vivo), protects against burns (vivo), tyrosine kinase inhibitor, decreases oncogene function (vitro), neuroprotective (emodin / vivo), decreases leukopenia due to radiation (emodin / vivo), polydatin is cardioprotective (vitro) and decreases CAM expression (vivo), resveratrol has glucose regulating properties (vitro), inhibits cancer cell lines (vitro), decreases VEGF activity (vivo), decreases expression of NF-KappaB, COX-2, MMP9 (vivo), protects against bone loss (vivo), and is anti-inflammatory (vivo); piceatannol is hypolipidemic (vivo); stilbenes cause apoptosis of leukemic cells (vitro).
• Antiviral, antibacterial.
• Promotes leukocyte proliferation for leukopenia (particularly due to radiation or toxic chemicals).
• Contraindicated in pregnancy.

Dose: 9-30g

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