Gua Lou Pi – Trichosanthes peel

Nature: sweet, cold

Enters: Lung, Stomach, Large Intestine

Actions: Promotes Qi circulation in the chest; clears Lung heat; eliminates phlegm, moistens.

• Lung heat: cough with thick and sticky sputum, including dry coughs with difficult-to-expectorate sputum.
• Lung phlegm-heat: distention or pain in the chest.
• Qi accumulation in the chest: stifling or distended sensation, constriction, pain, diaphragmatic pressure.
• Painful obstruction of the chest, Lung abscess, breast abscess.
• May help break down granulomas.
Gua lou pi is less moistening than Gua lou ren.
• Not to be used with Aconite products.
Li: Stronger than Gua lou ren to open the chest.
MLT: Same energetics as the whole fruit (Gua lou), but better for dry throat, cough, and wind-heat-phlegm that is difficult to expectorate.

Dose: 9-30g

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