Gou Ji – Cibotium rhizome – “Dog Spine”

Nature: bitter, sweet, warm

Enters: Kidney, Liver

Actions: Tonifies the liver and kidneys; strengthens the lumbar region and knees, sinews and bones; eliminates wind-damp; stabilizes the kidneys.

• Liver and kidney deficiency: stiffness, soreness, weakness of the knees, feet, lower back, spine, and lower extremities.
• Wind-cold-damp obstruction: pain, soreness, numbness; also swelling of the legs.
• Kidney deficiency: urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge.
• Similar to Du zhong, but milder to tonify the kidneys and liver.
• Compared to Ba ji tian, this herb is drier.

Dose: 4.5-15g

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