Ge Jie – Gecko

Nature: salty, neutral

Enters: Kidney, Lung

Actions: Tonifies Lung Qi and kidney Yang; nourishes Jing and blood.

• Lung Qi deficiency: cough.
• Kidney Yang deficiency (fails to grasp the Lung Qi): asthma.
• Also for a combination of the two above syndromes, and consumptive cough, blood streaked sputum.
• Kidney Yang deficiency: impotence, daybreak diarrhea, frequent urination.
• Often made into a tonic wine – commonly using one male and one female gecko.
• The tail is considered the most effective part.
• The head and feet are usually not used in decoctions.
Joe Coletto: May counteract the destructive effect of steroids on the adrenals.
Dose: 3-7g directly as powder or 9-15g in decoction

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