Fu Ping – Duckweed – Spirodela

Nature: acrid, cold

Enters: Bladder, Lung

Actions: Releases the exterior; unblocks the muscle level; vents rashes; dispels water, reduces swelling.

• Exterior heat: head and body aches.
• Hastens full expression of measles and other exanthemas and wind rashes and thereby hastens resolution of the disease.
• Hot, superficial edema, especially when affecting the upper body and when accompanied by urinary difficulty.
• One of few cool herbs that is a strong diaphoretic.
• Doctrine of signatures: The herb is very light, grows on the surface of water. This indicates its affinity for the surface/skin and its ability to release superficial water (edema, sweat).
• Topical: also used as a wash for rashes.
• Often used alone.
MLT: Diuretic, diaphoretic.

Dose: 3-6g (to 9g in severe cases)

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