Chuan Shan Jia – Pangolin scales – “Penetrate Mountain Scales”

Nature: salty, slightly cold

Enters: Liver, Stomach

Actions: Promotes blood circulation and dispels blood stasis from the channels; promotes lactation; relieves swelling; drains pus; unblocks menstruation; expels wind-dampness from the channels.

• Pangolins are threatened (some species endangered). Attempts to raise them in captivity have failed. You can get the job done with another medicine.
• Blood stasis: amenorrhea, masses, Bi syndrome, early stage carbuncles/boils or with pus that does not drain, lumps, dysmenorrhea, lack of or insufficient lactation.
• Galactostasis after childbirth.
• Toxic swellings: abscesses, boils. Can dissolve as yet unformed pus, but it is more useful for suppurative lesions. Can be used topically.
• Wind-damp obstruction of channels: pain, stiffness or spasms in the limbs, pain that prevents bending and stretching.
• When the patient lacks breast milk and is Qi deficient, do not count on this herb to promote lactation.
• Excellent success as a hemostatic in surgery.
• May be useful for the treatment of hematuria.
• May raise WBC count.
• Traditionally this herb is powdered and taken directly. Too expensive to cook.
• Contraindicated in pregnancy.
• Liu: This herb can go anywhere in the body, and conducts other herbs to the appropriate area.
• The unprepared form is black. The prepared form has been fried until yellowish.
• Though sometimes referred to as “anteaters,” pangolins are not true anteaters.
HF: A Sha Chong (kill worms or parasites) herb, important in Gu Zheng (Gu parasites) formulas.
BF: Useful when there is concomitant damp-heat. Stasis with damp and heat is very common in women with endometriosis.

Dose: 3-9g

2 comments on “Chuan Shan Jia – Pangolin scales – “Penetrate Mountain Scales”

  1. kim gek says:

    I have been taking this PANGOLIN scale brew with other herbs.
    Can the scale rebrew again …..? For how many times can I reuse it again because it”s very expensive.

    • says:

      Since you already have this medicine, I would brew it repeatedly. But I would also recommend not getting any more. These animals are threatened.

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