Ban Bian Lian – Chinese Lobelia – “Half-Edged Lily”

Nature: acrid, cold

Enters: Heart, Small Intestine, Lung

Actions: Helps the Lungs descend fluids to the bladder, promotes urination, relieves edema; disperses the Lungs; clears heat; eliminates toxicity; cools the blood.

• Heat and toxicity, poisons and venoms: snake bite, bee or wasp sting; also for swelling and pain from furuncles; fire toxin patterns including tonsilitis. Herb of choice for bites and stings – may be used internally or topically.
• Retention of harmful fluid: edema (often floating edema), ascites, mid- or end-stage schistosomiasis.
• Bensky/Gamble classifies with herbs that drain dampness.
• Not to be confused with the North American herb Lobelia inflata.
MLT: Cancer: anti-neoplastic properties.
Hsu: Diuretic, hypotensive, hemostatic.

Dose: 15-30g

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