Bai Zi Ren – Biota seed = Thuja orientalis = Platycladus – Chinese Arborvitae

Nature: sweet, neutral

Enters: Kidney, Large Intestine, Heart, Spleen

Actions: Nourishes heart blood; quiets the Shen; moistens the large intestine, promotes bowel movement.

• Heart blood deficiency: insomnia, palpitations, forgetfulness, anxiety, irritability (most effective herb for heart blood deficiency insomnia).
• Large intestine dryness due to Yin or blood deficiency: constipation, especially in the elderly, debilitated, and in post-partum women.
• Yin deficiency: night sweats.
• More oily than Suan zao ren – caution with loose stools, phlegm.
• This herb must be crushed before cooking.
• When used topically, it is dry-fried until the oil seeps out.
DY: Supplements heart Qi and blood; quiets the Hun, Po, and Shen; boosts the intelligence.
• With Suan zao ren for mutual reinforcement, to effectively nourish both the liver and the heart, tranquilize the heart, and quiet the spirit. For indications such as:
– 1. Palpitations, profuse dreams, and insomnia due to heart blood (and Qi) deficiency. (Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan) Defatted Bai zi ren and stir-fried Suan zao ren should be used.
– 2. Constipation with dry stools due to blood deficiency and intestinal fluid insufficiency.

Dose: 6-18g

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