A Non-Traditional Category That I Feel Is Of Value – Fetus-Protecting Herbs

Ai Ye / Artemisia leaf
Bai Zhu / White Atractylodes root
Du Zhong / Eucommia bark
E Jiao / Donkey Hide Gelatin
Huang Qin / Scutellaria baicalensis root
Huang Qi / Astragalus root
Lian Fang / Lotus receptacle
Sang Ji Sheng / Mistletoe (from Mulberry tree)
Sha Ren / Amomum villosum/xanthioides seed
Tu Si Zi / Cuscuta seed
Xu Duan / Dipsacus root
Zhu Ma Gen  / Boehmeria root
Zi Su Ye & Geng / Perilla leaf and stem

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